Art Friend

What do Tejano queen Selena’s candle-bra moment, Gaga’s meat dress and whatever Lil Nas X is doing right now have in common? Flair! Drama! Maybe even a little bit dangerous or slightly gross; like bone art

🎨 NiksterProductions

Real Human Teeth in Glass | Price: $35

Nikster is preparing for the holidays and will reopen on November 26, which is when I recommend you snatch up those teeth before they’re all gone.

☕🎨 Jailbreak PDX

See You in Hell Cross Stitch | $17

Who doesn’t want an extremely portable 2” round cross stitch that says “SEE YOU IN HELL?” With its magnetic back, you can either hang it or attach to any appropriately magnetic surface. Gift it to your sassy friends. Or leave it behind as a calling card.

🎨 XOrganicsXOdditiesX

Animal Bone Wall Art | $38 – $99

The perfect gift for the goth who has everything.

🎨 ☕ Abstract Fiber

Laurelhurst Temptation Sock Yarn | $34

Vibrant, soft, strong, fun and versatile. No, we’re not describing your local crafty queer (or ally), we’re talking about Laurelhurst Temptation Sock Yarn from Portland’s premiere Black- and woman-owned yarn shop Abstract Fiber.

🎨💪 Klumhouse

Woodland – Full Maker Kit | $70

Get your loved one the gift of this conversation:

“Hey, cool bag.”

“Thanks, I made it.”

🎨 Aardvark Tattoo Company

Tattoos and Piercings | Varies

This is the year: it’s time to get matching tattoos with that special someone in your life. And by that I of course mean the person you loved enough to actually use Zoom for in a social capacity.