Welcome to the Mercatus Member Connect Board.

The Mercatus Member Connect Board provides a way to share jobs, contracts, and other purchasing or procurement opportunities. Connect directly with Mercatus members, and share opportunities or offers. We are excited to partner with Portland Means Progress to help make these connections.

How it works

  1. Share an offer or opportunity by submitting the form below.
  2. If your offer or opportunity meets guidelines it will be sent out in a digest to all Mercatus members. We will keep it posted for as long as you indicate on the form. Please note that opportunities will be shared within 3-5 business days.
  3. Mercatus members will review offers and opportunities and reach out to you directly if they are interested.
  4. Did you connect with someone using Mercatus Connect? Let us know how it went, hello@mercatuspdx.com

Examples of great opportunities or offers:

Graphic designer to create an infographic for data set to be used on social media,
Needed in two weeks. Budget $1,000.00

Looking for  20 handcrafted thank you cards
Needed in one month. Delivery to our Portland office is required. Budget $200.00

Seeking accounting services for a small business
Ongoing support, starting in Q2 2021. Budget not to exceed $10,000 annually

Not allowed:

Request for free services
Request for discounted services
Submissions that don’t include a defined budget range
Sales posts for your business or lead generators

Get started. Fill out the form below to submit your offer or opportunity.

Please allow 3-5 days for your opportunity to be shared. If you have any questions connect with us at smokery@prosperportland.us.