It can be hard to shop for your masc-of-center friends, at holiday time or any time. So we’ve added this emoji to any item that feels appropriate for the bros, the bois and the gurls.

💪 Ball Was Life

Blazers 80s Clyde Drexler Dunk Promo Photo$30

Okay, you don’t have to buy this 1980’s Clyde Drexler poster for the die-hard Blazers fan in your life, but you really should go to Ball Was Life on Hawthorne Blvd for the sports fan in the fam. You won’t regret it.

☕💪 Natural Wonders

Berry Bitz Gummies – 50mg OR | $8.00

Give your bossy old uncle the gift of chill this holiday and stop in at Natural Wonders, the only Native-owned cannabis dispensary in Oregon. Get that man some Berry Bitz edibles, made by Green State of Mind, a Latino-owned and woman-operated business.

💪💋 The House of Rose

Bespoke Suit | Price: $1,100-4,000

A handmade suit is the kind of gift that no one else will ever top. Giving someone a bespoke suit is giving them validation, confidence, and inevitable success in both business and personal dealings. Which is why this powerhouse of a gift starts at $1,100 and goes up from there. If that’s too rich for your blood this holiday season, House of Rose also sells very attractive pocket squares starting at $45.

☕💪 Amity PDX

St. John’s Bridge Heavyweight Hoodie | $60

Who doesn’t want to hunker down in this warm green dream of a graphic hoodie? Friends can rep their neighborhood, show appreciation for one of the coolest bridges in the west, and keep the rain off with this one amazing item!

💪💅 N’KossiBoutique

African Print Blazer | $200

This hand-made in Portland piece is perfect for the person who needs drama with their business attire.

💪 The WWW

Tequila Teahouse Full Bleed Tee | $50

Commemorate John Woo’s 1992 classic film Hard Boiled with this one of a kind (every print is different) full bleed tee.

💪☕ Tighty Whitey Soap and Candle Company

Goat’s Milk and Clay Soap | $7

Who doesn’t love a soap in it’s chonies? This sensitive skin safe soap is made with mango seed butter, all-natural goat’s milk, white kaolin clay and palmarosa essential oil for a light floral and herbal scent that doesn’t irritate that delicate epidermis or damage the ecosystem. The earth and your loved one will thank you.

🎨💪 Klumhouse

Woodland – Full Maker Kit | $70

Get your loved one the gift of this conversation:

“Hey, cool bag.”

“Thanks, I made it.”

💪 Ecovibe

“Everyone’s Table” by Gregory Gourdet | $37.50

Ecovibe is the kind of place where award winning chef Gregory Gourdet casually drops in to sign copies of his book in the midst of establishing his much anticipated Haitian-Oregonian fusion restaurant in SE Portland. Unfortunately for us, those signed copies flew out the door already, but the unsigned book is in stock and ready to go to someone who will appreciate 180 mouth-watering full color photographs of both the food and the chef in question.

☕💅 House of Johnson

Different Zones Dress | Price: $94

Have them looking like the queen of the elements in this amazing gown WITH POCKETS! The dress comes in 1-3X, but House of Johnson has lots of straight size items as well for your smaller siblings.

💋 💪 Toyouinspire Flowers

Flower Bouquets | $50-1200

If no gift seems to say what you really mean, flowers are a beautiful way to convey any sentiment. And yes, that is the masc icon on this gift. Masc-spectrum people are rarely gifted flowers and a lot of us enjoy them a lot.