For easy navigation, the 45 gifts in this guide are broken into the following categories: 

But, because we know you’re buying these gifts for people and not department store sections, we’ve also made 6 distinct personas to help you with your choice. You’ll see their emojis next to the gifts we feel this type of person would really go for. Some products will have more than one emoji, and that’s cool because we’re all more than one thing.


This person gives off strong Jada Pinkett-Smith/Normani energy. Always put together, their style features classic lines in traditional colors. Someone who has a timeless look and pulls off traditional without being boring.


The t-shirts and jeans friend. Someone who gravitates towards comfort over everything else. They’re hot beverages on the couch levels of snuggly, and they deserve the best in terms of knit items and soft surfaces.


Think Billy Porter, Indya Moore, Lizzo, etc. This friend gravitates towards wilder, more on-trend stuff. For someone who’s not afraid to take risks, be bold, and turn heads.

Art Friend

What do Tejano queen Selena’s candle-bra moment, Gaga’s meat dress and whatever Lil Nas X is doing right now have in common? Flair! Drama! Maybe even a little bit dangerous or slightly gross; like bone art


It can be hard to shop for your masc-of-center friends, at holiday time or any time. So we’ve added this emoji to any item that feels appropriate for the bros, the bois and the gurls.


Young people or the simply young at heart will love these gifts to grow on. From books to toys to treats, this is where to flex your cool auntie, uncle, nuncle and pibling muscles.

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💪 Ball Was Life

Blazers 80s Clyde Drexler Dunk Promo Photo$30

Okay, you don’t have to buy this 1980’s Clyde Drexler poster for the die-hard Blazers fan in your life, but you really should go to Ball Was Life on Hawthorne Blvd for the sports fan in the fam. You won’t regret it.

☕🎨 Jailbreak PDX

See You in Hell Cross Stitch | $17

Who doesn’t want an extremely portable 2” round cross stitch that says “SEE YOU IN HELL?” With its magnetic back, you can either hang it or attach to any appropriately magnetic surface. Gift it to your sassy friends. Or leave it behind as a calling card.

☕💅 Letra Chueca Press

Por La Lucha! Poster | $25

Does this poster make me cry a little when I read it? Yes. Will it also make your coolest Tia cry? Probably. Pero, will it feel good to drag her sensitive heart a little bit over Zoom Christmas? Yeahh…

🎨 NiksterProductions

Real Human Teeth in Glass | Price: $35

Nikster is preparing for the holidays and will reopen on November 26, which is when I recommend you snatch up those teeth before they’re all gone.

🎨 XOrganicsXOdditiesX

Animal Bone Wall Art | $38 – $99

The perfect gift for the goth who has everything.


☕💪 Natural Wonders

Berry Bitz Gummies – 50mg OR | $8.00

Give your bossy old uncle the gift of chill this holiday and stop in at Natural Wonders, the only Native-owned cannabis dispensary in Oregon. Get that man some Berry Bitz edibles, made by Green State of Mind, a Latino-owned and woman-operated business.


☕💪 Amity PDX

St. John’s Bridge Heavyweight Hoodie | $60

Who doesn’t want to hunker down in this warm green dream of a graphic hoodie? Friends can rep their neighborhood, show appreciation for one of the coolest bridges in the west, and keep the rain off with this one amazing item!

☕💅 Five O Tree

No New Friends Tee | Price: $25

TikTok addicts, Coi Leray fans, and everybody who said Friends was trash back before it was popular to hate on casually racist sitcoms will get this.

💪💋 The House of Rose

Bespoke Suit | Price: $1,100-4,000

A handmade suit is the kind of gift that no one else will ever top. Giving someone a bespoke suit is giving them validation, confidence, and inevitable success in both business and personal dealings. Which is why this powerhouse of a gift starts at $1,100 and goes up from there. If that’s too rich for your blood this holiday season, House of Rose also sells very attractive pocket squares starting at $45.

☕💅 House of Johnson

Different Zones Dress | Price: $94

Have them looking like the queen of the elements in this amazing gown WITH POCKETS! The dress comes in 1-3X, but House of Johnson has lots of straight size items as well for your smaller siblings.

💪💅 N’KossiBoutique

African Print Blazer | $200

This hand-made in Portland piece is perfect for the person who needs drama with their business attire.

☕ Portland x Rosé

Access To My Energy is a Privilege – Unisex Relaxed Tee | $25

The shirt says everything you need to know. Soft, machine washable and most likely to help others choose wisely with their words and requests on days it is worn. I own this shirt and can’t recommend it enough for my fellow femmes of color especially.

💅 True Melanin

Rose Gold Chrome Mix Tape Wallet | $25

Bringing back the glory days of the mixtape, but instead of choppy songs from somebody’s boom box it’s filled with cash. What’s not to love?

💪 The WWW

Tequila Teahouse Full Bleed Tee | $50

Commemorate John Woo’s 1992 classic film Hard Boiled with this one of a kind (every print is different) full bleed tee.

💅 Yabisi

Garita Cork Belt | $60

This one’s for the vegans and eco-babies. Sustainable and stylish, this belt is the tree’s knees.

💋 Yancy Handmade

Kangaroo Beltbag | $55 

Spoil them rattan this year with a handmade belt bag. Be sure to thank the maker, and by that I mean artisan weaver Cindy, when they love their earth-friendly new bag.


🎨 ☕ Abstract Fiber

Laurelhurst Temptation Sock Yarn | $34

Vibrant, soft, strong, fun and versatile. No, we’re not describing your local crafty queer (or ally), we’re talking about Laurelhurst Temptation Sock Yarn from Portland’s premiere Black- and woman-owned yarn shop Abstract Fiber.

🎨💪 Klumhouse

Woodland – Full Maker Kit | $70

Get your loved one the gift of this conversation:

“Hey, cool bag.”

“Thanks, I made it.”


☕🐤 DB Dessert Company

Cupcake in a Jar | $9.50 – $10.50

This is a perfect portable holiday delight for faraway friends and chosen family. Send them this homemade cupcake kit, get one for yourself of course, and toast over Zoom with your tasty treats!

Health and Beauty

💅 Coral Story Beauty Supply

The Festive Nail Polish Collection: BKIND | $34

Full scale vegan nail polish glamour that’s 10-free, which is beauty guru shorthand for formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, DPB, xylene and paraben AND perfume-free? In this economy?  

💅 Hidden Opulence

Reusable Face Wipes | $10 – 20

Practical, beautiful, and unique just like the person these reusable face wipes are made for. Eco friendly fabulosity.

☕ LowKey HighVibe

CBD Bath Bombs and Bath Soaks | $12 – $20

I know you’re going to want a few CBD bath bombs and soaks for yourself after all this shopping, and the list isn’t even done yet! While you’re there, get some stocking stuffers for your mothers! Made from locally sourced Southern Oregon hemp flower, you can’t go wrong with self care.

💪☕ Tighty Whitey Soap and Candle Company

Goat’s Milk and Clay Soap | $7

Who doesn’t love a soap in it’s chonies? This sensitive skin safe soap is made with mango seed butter, all-natural goat’s milk, white kaolin clay and palmarosa essential oil for a light floral and herbal scent that doesn’t irritate that delicate epidermis or damage the ecosystem. The earth and your loved one will thank you.


💅 Bold Beat Textiles

Sunshine Pillow | $79.99 – $99.99

Only 30 of this pillow will ever be produced, which is enough to recommend it for the home decor fan in your life. Add in that each cover is hand-made to order by a master craftswoman right here in Portland, Oregon and what else can we say? This pillow sparks joy.

💪 Ecovibe

“Everyone’s Table” by Gregory Gourdet | $37.50

Ecovibe is the kind of place where award winning chef Gregory Gourdet casually drops in to sign copies of his book in the midst of establishing his much anticipated Haitian-Oregonian fusion restaurant in SE Portland. Unfortunately for us, those signed copies flew out the door already, but the unsigned book is in stock and ready to go to someone who will appreciate 180 mouth-watering full color photographs of both the food and the chef in question.

☕ Gather Resale

There’s no specific gift listed because just about everything at Gather Resale is a unique one-of-a-kind item. Buy your loved one a timeless gift at a fraction of retail in this North Portland consignment palace.

☕ Little Otsu

Lisbon Edition Notebook | $24

Designed by local graphic designer Cielle Charron and produced by a family owned bindery in Portugal, this unlined Little Otsu exclusive notebook lays flat, has a reinforced spine and corners and sewn cream pages with hand-sponged marbling along the edges.

💅☕ Paloma Candles

Peach Day Candle (Juicy Peach) | $12 – $20

The most popular candle Paloma sells is this juicy peach wonder that will bring your loved one the sticky sweet scent of summer, even in the depths of winter.

💋 💪 Toyouinspire Flowers

Flower Bouquets | $50-1200

If no gift seems to say what you really mean, flowers are a beautiful way to convey any sentiment. And yes, that is the masc icon on this gift. Masc-spectrum people are rarely gifted flowers and a lot of us enjoy them a lot.

💋☕💅 With Love from PDX

PNW Morning Box | $49

Great for a group, or someone missing the rainy winter days back home, these gift boxes are hand-packed and shipped to whomever and however many people you need. And you don’t even have to leave the house! 


💋 AmareAA and Reese

Taiya Hoops | $45

You can never have too many statement hoops, and if you don’t personally believe that you have a friend that does. These made-to-order steel hoop earrings are flourished with African brass tube beads and sterling silver hooks. Each order comes with a jewelry care pack to keep your shine strong and bright.

💋 Asdzaa Olta – LaKota Scott

Zinnia and Lapis Necklace – OOAK | $210.00

This one of a kind wire-woven necklace was created using ancestral Diné basket weaving techniques to get its unique look and features a lapis woven into the center. Lapis activates the throat chakra, making this the perfect gift for that friends who needs to trust their own inner voice.

☕🐤 EsSuperFun

Las Medias Naranjas Enamel Pin Set | $24

Las Medias Naranjas literally translates to the halves of an orange. Buy this and give one to your other half, the person who just gets you, who you can really roll with. 

💋 FromBrooklynWLove

Anxiety Ring 2.0 | $43

This beautiful 14k gold ring stands out for its craftsmanship and not for its function. For the anxious hottie in your life who loves a fidget item but doesn’t necessarily always want to call attention to that love, this ring is an excellent gift. I myself have two, and they are surprisingly sturdy.

☕ NatalieKalaniMade

Fall Leaf Dangle Earrings | $22

These lightweight earrings in muted fall colors use gold posts so even those with sensitive ears can rock this Ms. Frizzle fashion trend. Perfect or a cozy friend who likes a little bit of bling without a lot of hassle.

💅 Upper Metal Class

The Girl’s Ring | From $52

Sometimes the best gift really is boobs. 5% of sales from this ring will go to support domestic violence prevention and mitigation.


🐤 Abby Invents

Abby Invents Unbreakable Crayons! – Signed | $17.99

The first book in the Abby Invents series! Follow young inventrix Abby in her quest to build a better crayon. This book is perfect for kids ages 4-9.

🐤 Chrase Boy-tique

“Pit Crew” Beanie | $10 (sale price)

Crase Boy-tique is a unique shop set up for little boys and kids who prefer to dress masculine. Seeing a gap between the wide variety of options available for girls and femme-styled children’s clothes, brothers Christian and Mase started the boy-tique for the discerning young fellow about town. This pit-crew beanie is a great example of their brand of practical, functional, adorable and affordable.

🐤 Go Umi Kids

Knit Wearable Blanket | $58

This adorable wearable blanket for babies is closed at the bottom to keep the warmth in during the blustery winter months. Finally, a blanket they can’t kick off!

🐤 Soapbox Theory

“Brilliant” Journal | $16

Soapbox theory has several of these adorable journals for kids, but the Brilliant one seemed like the cutest. Perfect for the amazing child in your life to write their big plans and ideas.

🐤 Third Eye Books and Gifts

Antiracist Baby | $8.99

Get kids on the equity train early with this precious board book. Antiracist Baby illustrates 9 baby-appropriate steps to a more equitable world.


🎨 Aardvark Tattoo Company

Tattoos and Piercings | Varies

This is the year: it’s time to get matching tattoos with that special someone in your life. And by that I of course mean the person you loved enough to actually use Zoom for in a social capacity.

💅 Celina Flores Photo

Professional Headshot Session | $500+

Everyone wants them, most of us need them – I’m talking about headshots, people. What other gift looks just as good on Tinder as it does on LinkedIn?

💋 Cottontails Personal Styling

Closet Makeover | $450+

Buy that special someone a closet makeover from a celebrity stylist. Because they deserve the star treatment.

💅 Date Night PDX

Date Night Special for Two | $160+

Plan the perfect date, then call in Date Night to help you and your partner pull off the perfect look to go with it. This is a night you’ll never forget.