“We are a design and manufacturing company for clean tech long flight endurance unmanned aerial vehicles. We design drones, essentially.”

                                                                                        — Ben Berry

Ben Berry is the CEO of Airship Technologies Group, a Lake Oswego, Oregon-based design and manufacturing company for clean-tech long flight endurance drones. Airship TG stands at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly expanding unmanned aerial vehicle field.

Berry grew up around aeronautics, as the son of a Tuskegee Airman and later as the first African American aeronautical engineering graduate at USC. He counts his father as his first inspiration. “I would always have pictures of aircraft on my wall when I was a little kid. I used to draw aircraft,” he says.

While working at an aerospace company in 1991, Berry drew his first drone on a napkin during his lunch hour. He says, “My father started working with me on the design. We dialed in the aerodynamic shape just right so that it was airworthy. I didn’t do anything with it for about three decades.” But with the arrival of 3D printing technology and the FAA opening up airspace for drones in 2015, Berry’s drone design became a reality.

Today, Airship TG serves three different markets: military, commercial farming, and civil first responders. With their focus on clean-technology long flight endurance, Airship TG drones deliver 2.6 days of flight by using solar film and hydrogen fuel cell engines, far outpacing other drones on the market. Today, Berry maintains an active international travel schedule speaking about his work. Through Berry’s dedicated vision, Airship TG continues to innovate at the top of the clean-technology long flight endurance field.