A business connections event

Portland Means Progress and Mercatus present an event for catering companies to connect with the cities meeting planners and event producers.

Why a Catering Fair?

The Mercatus Catering fair helps connects Mercatus members that offer catering services with the folks that order catering at the different city offices, event producers, and meeting planners. 

How to connect?

If you are interested in being a vendor at this event first make sure that you are a Mercatus member. If you are not a member it’s free to join you can learn more here.


Currently postponed until further notice. For COVID-19 business information and resources please visit Prosper Portland website.

Support the businesses that registered for the Mercatus Catering Fair Everybody eats PDX | Mexirican Cocktails | Gourmet Coffee Brew Master | PDX Empanadas LLC | DB Dessert Company | Tamale Boy | Diaspora Cafe PDX |Mathilde’s Kitchen | Burmese Delight | Tin Cantina | La Calaca Comelona | Lion’s Breath Gourmet LLC | Xōcotl | Meals 4 Heels | Fork And Spoon Food House LLC | Sweet Day

Vendor Registration FAQ’s

What types of food business should apply?

Food companies that provide meal or beverage service for events or meeting are a great fit for this event. Unfirtunatley, this event does not allow alcohol vendors. 

I have food truck, am I eligible? 

Yes! Event producers love working with food trucks. You will have to leave your food truck at home for the event though, there is not a place for you to bring your food truck. 

How much does it cost to participate?

The vendor fee for this event is $25.00 

Can I sell food? 

No. Samples only at this event, this is not a public event attendees are all potential catering clients. 

What is considered a sample? 

A food product promotion where only a sample (two to three-ounce portion) of a food or beverage is offered to demonstrate the characteristics of the food product. Samples should be prepared offsite. On-site prep should be limited to plating samples and keeping samples warm. Power is an expensive upgrade at this venue so, please use Sternos for warming when possible. 

Will I have power? 

Power is an expensive upgrade at this venue so, please use Sternos for warming when possible. If power is required you can purchase power for an additional fee.