Black Owned Business Guide Graphic
Black Owned Business Guide Graphic

Support Black-owned businesses this month and every month.

This year’s Black-Owned Business Guide aligns with the national theme for Black History Month which is “Black Health and Wellness.” Our theme is As You Are, inspired by a core tenet of the Mercatus Directory: We invite all Black and Indigenous people of color to do business and show up exactly “as you are.”

The artwork used for this year’s campaign was commissioned by Mercatus from local Portland artist Habiba Abdul Rahim. We were inspired by the intentions of the artist’s images that represent peace and calm for Black folx. Habiba explains the meaning of the painting below:

“The painting is titled, ‘Breathe’. The color grey, for some, can be an unemotional and neutral color; for me, grey represents all the things that I want to be: peaceful, a soothing and nurturing presence, reliable, and wise.

For this painting specifically, when I choose the background color I wanted to use a color that represented my healing and self-discovery journey. This color for me represented calmness and clarity. Oftentimes, when I paint the subject with their eyes closed, it symbolizes reflection. So she is remembering the place she came from while simultaneously imagining her future. It is a reflection on growth, peace, calmness, compassion, balance, and spiritual growth.”

Habiba Abdul Rahim | Follow Habiba to learn more about her art 

These Mercatus companies all identify as Black, African American, or African. Find the full directory here.  Don’t see your business listed? You can join the directory here.  If you’re already a member and still aren’t listed let us know, send us an email:

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