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Taimani Emerald is a single mother, an author, illustrator, activist & traveling motivational speaker focused on using art to help us all learn about THE BIG STUFF. Diversity, equity, inclusion & empowerment are at the heart of every piece that she creates. She remains dedicated to using whimsical illustrations to change the way we define humanity & identify with our self-worth. When we are empowered to show up for ourselves, as ourselves it creates a ripple effect of change through the entire world.

The artwork used for this year’s campaign was commissioned by Mercatus from local Portland artist Taimani Emerald. We were inspired by the intentions of the artist’s images that represent peace and calm for Black folks. Taimani explains the meaning of the illustration below:

“I wanted to showcase black people & our businesses as intricately linked to every part of the ecosystem of our economy. From education to cooking to financial advisors, everything is represented here because Black minds have been catalysts in every industry. It’s time to recognize our excellence and our beauty as active resistance. It’s time to remember and celebrate our humanity, our interconnectedness and our undeniable influence.”

Taimani Emerald | Learn more about Taimani’s work

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