Sustain Yourself

Mar 21, 2020

Artwork by Lorenzo De Alicante


The Mercatus Community shares their favorite ways to recharge.

Rachel Larsen
Everglow Handmade

“Take lots of little walks and eat fruit, even when you don’t feel like it.

Troy Douglass
Cultural Blends LLC

“I spend time with my significant other. We both casually thrift shop and like trying new restaurants’ happy hour menu.”

Leo Ochoa

Always family…being able to see them and talk to them about problems has helped.”

Nancy Le
Professional Auto Body & Paint Inc

“Always drink water and do not skip meals.”

Yvonne Perez Emerson
Make & Mary

“I make sure I take the time to create for myself and to learn new things.”

Andrea Wade
Honeybee Syrups

“I do yoga because you’ve got 90 minutes of silence where you can just meditate and focus on yourself.”

Carlos Kareem Windham

“I center my life by choosing pleasure over pressure. Pleasure is my medicine. [I ask myself:] What is going to make me feel most alive and what will make me feel most free? What is going to bring me into my body?”

Kamelah Adams
Mimi’s Fresh Tees

“I love traveling to the Oregon Coast with my family.”

Hieu Pham
Atlas Dental

“I dance because during that moment, it’s just me and the music and nothing else matters.”

Itzel Hernández

“Morning walks: daily thanks to Mother Earth and the angels.”

Emilly Prado

“A good night’s sleep and morning rituals: writing, reading, tea.” 

Becky Jarvis
Curvy Chic Closet Foundation

“Self-care is forgetting about everyone else and all your chores, and being nice to yourself.  It could mean Netflix binge watching, going outside to enjoy the fall sunny weather. You will function better as an individual if you are able to get some self-care time when it is needed.”

Jennifer Rose Marie Serna
Wapato Farms

“Fire and Water. I really enjoy a hot bath.”

April Etuk
Lovely Coils

“I read, and go to Barre Class. My quote that I’ve  come up with is “Grow at your own pace.” It eliminates the idea that I’m in competition with anyone other than the lazy version of myself. That’s who I want to beat every day!”

Anthony Devine
Arubah Juice

Daily workouts, wellness coaching.”