Vol. 2

Sustaining Greatness

The Wisdom Within Us

Styled by Diona Jackson. Photos by Phillyrocket

Holding the Power Our Ancestors Possessed

Everyday Leaders

Written by Bruce Poinsette

Leaders of color are changing the landscape of both activism and entrepreneurship in Oregon by creating and cultivating spaces that directly tap into community needs.

Portraits of Portland

Four photographers celebrate day-to-day moments around the city.

Storytelling Expressions

Written by Cookie Zvovushe

The people in this story have made it their mission to infuse culture into storytelling in order to foster a true sense of connection between individuals.


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Entrepreneurs of color often make giving back to the communities they come from an integral part of their businesses.

This intrinsic legacy of care driven by personal story and identity is what inspired the theme Sustaining Greatness. Sustaining Greatness refers to individuals of color that are leading by example towards progress in their everyday lives. Mercatus Magazine Vol. 2 will show that greatness is a mindset that takes effort and resilience to maintain, and it is alive every day amongst entrepreneurs of color in Portland.

More Stories from Vol. 2

Flip the Money $cript

Written by Emilly Prado

I set out to spend the next year doing monthly deep dives into different aspects of my life I wanted to work on— from decluttering to reading and wellness. As a self-employed creative since 2016, I kicked off the year tackling my first area of choice: finance.

Own Your Own

Written by Tiara Darnell

When I was in high school, my dad, a veteran and long-time federal government employee, made clear my post-graduation options: Pay rent to continue to live at home. Move out. Start a business. Or go to college.

Steady Your Shoulders

Written by Tory Campbell

The venerable saying, “Standing on the shoulders of giants” expresses the discovery of truth and knowledge that builds on the contributions of those who’ve gone before us.

Cultivating Strength from Tradition

Written by Malcolm Hoover

The tradition of partnering with the land and the practice of venerating our grandmothers is common in many communities of color. 

Sustain Yourself

The Mercatus Community shares their favorite ways to recharge.

Fresh from the Collective

New Stories

Creations for Continuity

Creations for Continuity

“I knew I wanted to be an artist; beading was something that always came easily to me, and that was my way of giving myself a voice,” Caroline Blechert | Founder Creations for Continuity Sitting down with...

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Sacred Waters Fish Company

Sacred Waters Fish Company

“When we lose a culture, we lose our self-identity. We want to keep that intact and give hope to people through what we do with our business.” Hugh Amaguq Ahnatook | Founder Sacred Waters Fish Company Imagine a...

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Society Nine

“Whether you have championship belts to your name, or are throwing a punch for the first time, we are here to welcome you, and to have your back in the journey, wherever it takes you. What matters to us is that you walk into the world, knowing that you are capable of...

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