“The fantasy does pertain to us. We just have to create the support structures.”

                                                           – Cole Reed


Before relocating to Portland in 2015, Greenhaus Gallery was already a revered boutique and gallery in Arizona. Although Cole Reed and her partner Dayna were established entrepreneurs in their community, the couple decided to move mere weeks before welcoming their first child because they wanted to live in a city where same-sex adoptions were openly accepted.

Now located on North Killingsworth, Greenhaus Gallery showcases rotating art exhibits, home goods, and Reed’s original furniture designs. In the few years since making Portland home, the couple has also expanded their ventures with the procure-ment and transformation of NXT Industries.

Reed has revamped the coworking space’s mission to focus on supporting Portland’s next generation of diverse entrepreneurs. They provide Wi-Fi, dedicated desks, and mail services (amongst other amenities), but what distinguishes NXT Industries from other similar establishments is their directive and acute attention to fostering mentorships. Reed says the vibrant on-site mural, Kaleidoscope of Hope by artist JB Snyder, also embodies their mission.

NXT Industries is eager to take an active role in (503) 999-7769 building an inclusive entrepreneurial landscape in Portland. Currently, the Reeds are developing a new location that will focus on meeting the unique needs of Portland entrepreneurs of African descent.

“Sometimes because of our circumstances, we don’t allow ourselves to dream,” Reed says. “The fantasy does pertain to us. We just have to create the support structures.” She pays tribute to her own family for paving the way to realizing her dreams and is proud to help build that foundation for others. “I feel like a rock star. My grandmother was a maid and my randfather was a journeyman. They scrubbed floors so I can walk—so that my son can run. I’m a firm believer that you thank the people who crawled so you can walk.”



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